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So! This beautiful individual here is Conchita Wurst, a gender-neutral pop singer from Austria. She has also been chosen to represent Austria in Eurovison 2014! Super cool, right? I’m excited!
Unfortunately not everyone thinks so (which is no real shock, as there are still some incredibly conservative nations within Europe). There is even a Belarusian petition calling for either Eurovision to be cancelled in their country, or her act to be cut from the broadcast (which violates Eurovision broadcasting rules, of course).
Austrians are also a bit upset by her being chosen, but simply because she wasn’t chosen by a public vote this year.

Either way, I felt like it would be a great thing to post about! She has a super cool look if you ask me and I bet her performance is gonna be exciting to watch! (And though it goes without saying, she has a killer singing voice.) And with any luck, she could become the third (I believe) non-binary individual to win Eurovision! Good luck to her, and I’m looking forward to hearing what song they’re going to select for her to perform. I’m getting excited for Eurovision 2014 already!

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